Type: lofts  I  Client:  private I Size: 20-30m² I Location: Athens I Status: completed  I Date: 2016


Collaborations:  Mitropoulos Costas (photography)  


Aim of the project was the creation of a network of contemporary lofts with lounge terraces and view towards Acropolis and city skyline in central districts of Athens. Therefore, six petit apartments of 70s situated on the top floor of block of flats have been totally renovated and redesigned in order to cover completely all the necessary accommodation needs.


The renovation process was realized in all lofts simultaneously during a 3-month period and had been based on a common way of design, construction and supervision. Strengthening the structural shell and fixing every defective point was of paramount importance, given that the apartments had a great amount of lasting problems (i.e terrace and wall moisture).


Meanwhile, significant interventions both inside and outside were taken place in order to achieve spatial revival and give a more particular and unique image to each loft.


The lofts are transformed into one single main space where concentrates bedroom, living room, kitchen, office and a separate area of wardrobe, while bathroom is discreetly separated. It is obvious that there is spatially proper use of small space, given the targeted design from general planning to specific details. Every apartment is suitable from one to three people disposing two single beds with bedside tables and a comfortable handmade sofa. Compact kitchen and wardrobe include a variety of comforts and storage spaces, while office with drawers and shelves are available for the dweller.


Light grey laminate floor is harmonically combined with the white walls and furnishing. Rough texture of white brick facing behind bed, handmade lighting fixtures with black cables and round white led bulbs and wooden constructions of white, wenge and birch color create a peaceful and homy atmosphere. Sandblasted glass surfaces with black metal frames constitute key element of the general style of the lofts, being the separator between the main space and the hygiene space. Bathroom follows the same design concept with white tiles and black joints all over the walls and floor.


Particular emphasis was given in the outdoor area which is highlighted by ambient lighting techniques, lounge handmade sofa and sitting areas and green walls. The veranda is configured in such a way that the dweller could live the experience of a microclimate under leisurely circumstances framing the city center view and Acropolis.


Minimal design, bright colors and lounge spatial sense characterize Athens View Lofts.


More details: http://athensviewlofts.gr/)