Type: competition I Category: kiosk I Client: Municipality of Athens  I Location: Athens I Date: 2015


Collaborations: Kalogeropoulou Eirini (architect), Lava Riva (architect) 


The new Athenian pavilion consists of two parts, the modern and the classic: the iconic yellow box is the core to which an envelope is attached, acting as guarantor of the historical form that literally preserves.

The typology of the new Athenian pavilion has four variations of two basic types A and B, depending on location, access as well as type of products. Type A (4.90 m) is the smallest type of stand and can be placed on all sides free space. The types B1, B2 and B3 (6.35 m²) are developed in a greater width, with spaces for refrigerator (-s) embedded in the box.

In all types the central view is that of the public service. The first side view consists of metal sheet surfaces rotating in a vertical axis, labeled by detachable shelves made by perforated sheets. On the back side of types A, B1 and B2 there is the entrance to the kiosk as well as product suspension on perforated surfaces. This aspect incorporates also the hot spot installations sockets, touch screen and wifi information to the public. In the B3 formula the back side is closed and the entrance is from the side. In type A, the second side view consists of solid glass surface and hanging bars for newspapers and magazines. Also in types B1-B2 refrigerators and auxiliary shelves are installed .