Type: competition I Category: area development I Client: Liepaja City I Location: Liepaja, Latvia I Date: 2014


Collaborations: Dilaveraki Ifigeneia (architect) , Michalopoulou Ioanna (architect) 


The competition_bath house starts from a critical review of the building, deciding to maintain structural and characteristic parts and introduce higher flexibility and a stronger relation between inner and outer space.


The interior of the building is redefined and organised in 3 zones- Dry therapy, Wet therapy, Restaurant- along the basic structural axes. Openings are created in critical parts of the facade and new volumes are added where extra space is needed. The building “opens” to the south part of the yard where a public square is created, connecting the central bath house with the guest houses.


Accommodation for the visitors of the bath house is provided through the creation of guest houses for 21 families.the house unit can be found in 3 variations in order to host families of 2,3 or 4 persons.it refers to a wooden house,the form and structure of which is inspired by the small wooden sauna cabins found in the latvian countryside.


Materiality becomes a design parameter in order to create a relaxing space that stimulate the senses.for that purpose, natural materials-wood,brick- and earth tone colours are chosen, taking advantage of the existing qualities whilst introducing new textures and colours.


In order to bring back the grandeur atmosphere of the entrance hall  and lighten the space,we introduce white colour to the walls and the dome and create a continuous surface,whilst redefining the existing patterns.