Type: competition I Category: product I Client: Beam Camp I Location: Strafford, New Hampshire I Date: 2014


Collaborations: Dilaveraki Ifigeneia (architect) , Michalopoulou Ioanna (architect) 


KinderNest, for the competition_beam camp is a project that incorporates multi-disciplinary elements and activities, resulting to a physical construction that serves as a place for BEAM campers to hang out and play, as well as a temporary landmark.


It is a colourful installation inspired by the morphological elements of nature – trees and nests. Children can climb over, sit in elastic ‘nests’ and enjoy the view to the surrounding area, as the installation is proposed to be placed at the open grass area of the Camp.


Purpose of the project is to create a multifaceted experience for the participating children and teenagers, and to foster their combinatory thinking, their problem solving skills and ability to work in groups. Participants will have hand-on experiences with construction, assembling simple electronics, contemplating renewable energy, and exploring the physical properties of different weaving techniques.


A bright combination of colours is chosen for the cords (elastic, el-wires) taken from the CMYK colour model – cyan, magenta, yellow. By night, the wires shed light and produce luminous patterns, using the energy collected during the daylight hours.