Type: competition I Category: pavilion I Client: the Centennial Festival of Riverboats I Location: Louisville, Kentucky I Date: 2014


Collaborations: Dilaveraki Ifigeneia (architect), Michalopoulou Ioanna (architect) 


The proposed pavilion for the Competition_Belle of Louisville is a lightweight, modular structure, flexible enough to accommodate a variety of activities during the Centennial Festival of Riverboats.


Inspired by the riverboat itself and specifically from the form and structural system of the paddlewheel, we designed a pavilion and its variations for the people to ‘flow’ through and ‘travel’ from one event to another.


A number of ‘paddles’- wooden panels can be set on the periphery of the wheel, in different densities and directions in order to navigate the visitors, control daylight and create a playful interaction between inner and outer space. In the interior, a group of wider wooden panels can be placed in order to divide the space according to the needs of each event and be used to hold exhibition posters or project digital images and videos. Lighting spots can be placed on the ceiling grid to achieve artificial lighting of the space.


By adding or removing, open or close the exterior and interior panels, multipurpose spaces can emerge and be used for vending and exhibitions, bourbon tasting events, cultural performances and seating areas.