Type: competition I Category:  public  I Client: ArchOutLoud  I Location: Tokyo, Japan I Date: 2016


Our proposal aims to a vertical cemetery, not as a competitive construction to other high buildings with commercial and pop identity in the area, but as a free space in the densely built environment of Tokyo. In contrary, we create a quiet space for internal reflection that is found in ancient Japanese culture, the way that a circular cemetery should be experienced. For this reason the vertical cemetery is located entirely underground forming landscape in the center of the city. That is how we define the relationship between two unlike environments –the cemetery and the city and a cemetery explores the relationship between life and death within the city.


At the point of cross road, where we meet a lot of traffic and pedestrians, we create a sidewalk widening. A large water surface defines the boundaries of the cemetery and encloses the underground circular monument with continuous columns of engraved granite. Access in level zero is held via two scales, in both sides of the central elevator leading to the level of the main entrance (-5.00). At the entrance, we meet the reception and the reflection spaces (one central and four smaller). These sites have glass ceiling, so they have natural lighting and visual contact with the water surface above. The central corridor of the entrance leads to the central vertical, circular atrium and main space. The vertical columns of black granite reach an underground depth until -n level. These columns contain the recesses for the urns.       Each recess contains one or more glass drawer boxes for the urns. Additionally, there are drawers where the relatives could lay candles, incense and flowers. Recesses for falling water are shaped in between of granite columns , starting from the water surface at level zero and ending at the bottom, where there is formed a second illuminated water surface. The granite columns and urns continue several levels down and may be extended further as needed. Communication between levels is achieved via both stairway located around the central area and lifts. Around the central space there are columbarium (storage for the deceased) and utility rooms.