Type: commercial  I  Client:  private  I  Size: 27m2  I  Location: N. Heraklion, Athens  I  Status: Completed I Date: 2015


Aim of the project was the creation of a small hairdresser’s salon in the center of Heraklion, nearby the train station.


The layout of the small 27 m2 space with reception, waiting point, three styling stations, wash unit and auxiliary spaces was an initial difficulty. The whole ceiling was pulled down in order to gain extra height and enlarge the space. The duration of the architectural design study as well as the construction of the project was 3 weeks.


The project aimed to respond to owners wish for a space combining classic and modern elements. This would be achieved by forming the space in the natural tones of gray, white, black and the earthy tone of brown and using remade antique furniture for the equipment.


The materials used are brick wall combined with a special plaster style, laminated wood flooring and cement mortar at worktops. Exposed industrial pipes were installed at each styling unit in case of extra future needs. The central pendant octopus styled lighting above the reception desk at the entrance constitutes a dominant and impressive element indoors.