Type: social-renovation I Size: ~550m2 I Location:  Metaxourgio, Athens I Status: Completed I Date: 2015


Aim of the project was the creation of the new social housing named «MDM Solidarity House for All» organized by the medical, humanitarian, non-governmental organization “Doctors of the World”. For this purpose, an abandoned building of the late ‘60s – an old hotel- located next to the central square of Metaxourgio area was chosen to be fully renovated in order to shelter homeless families.


During the period September-December 2015, our architectural team has undertaken and conducted the study, permit procedure, refurbishment, management and supervision of the new social housing.  Due to the fact that the aging building envelope had extended damages, the refurbishment was considered as absolutely necessary, while the deadline for the project was pressing.

The building consists of six floors. The ground level concentrates the public spaces of the facility, such as the entrance hall, the dining room, the laundry room and the social worker’s office, while the rest floors accommodate the visitors’ rooms.  On the upper level, there is a nursery and the terrace will be used as a guarded playground. Each room is consisted of two bunk beds, a table for four people, a wardrobe, a sink and a stall.

Generally speaking, the building style was configured according to the peculiarity and the demands of users and visitors of the building as well as the constantly changing needs of the facility.  Smooth textures and pleasant colors were utilized in order to affect positively the users’ psychology and mood. The spatial layouts, the chosen textures, the materials and the coloring along with the lighting and the general equipment were chosen and installed, following the same concept.

It is noticeable that the new mechanical installations are visible and easily accessible for possible repairs, maintenance and possible extension.  The lighting and the general equipment were similarly chosen and installed, following the same concept.