Type: residential  I  Client:  private I Size: 93m² I Location: Athens I Status: completed


In the center of Athens, a penthouse of 60’s with panoramic view towards Pedion Areos’ grove is renovated in early 2016 to welcome a young couple and meet their needs.  The whole refurbishment process was a financially approachable solution with controlled budget, based on the existing dwelling and refreshing proposals.


The old-fashioned planning of the apartment with the numberless small rooms separated with doors and corridors is now transformed into a fully flexible and homogenized space. Light-colored laminate floor and warm color in the walls are combined with furniture in tones of grey colors. The minimal kitchen become part of the whole scenery, while the antique bookshelves still remain as vintage remnant of the past but adapted to the new circumstances. The two bedrooms have a more playful and ambient mood, whilst the two bathrooms follow two different design approaches.