Type: residential  I  Client:  private I Size: 2500m² I Location: Kefalari, Athens I Status: in progress


Collaborations:  Pagratis & Partners  Construction , Mitropoulos Costas (photography) , Arapantonis Alexandros (graphic design), Karanikolaou Aristidis (civil engineer)


The project aimed to respond to the high prestige of the area of Kefalari. This would be achieved by providing a matrix of spaces and room scales, that serve both high quality in terms of construction and technology, as well as flexibility of uses through their multiple profiles. The project combines all the merits of minimal design with classical details. It is a self-sustained home, equipped with the most advanced automation systems of electronics, lighting and security.

The residence Kefalari is a white minimal mass volume surrounded by pure nature.The proposal responds to the surrounding landscape through a hierarchy of levels.


The main circulation is organized through a central axis, progressing from west to east. The main building, consisting of three levels and the Olympic-size external swimming pool occupy the center of the site.  An independent dwelling for the concierge (150sq m) is included in the back entrance, adjacent to the car ramp.


A combination of external staircases, leads to the main entrance from the west. The entrance hall mediates between the office and master bedroom, shaping two external atriums. Following a series of adjacent auxiliary spaces, the attention is concentrated on the main living room, back garden and pool. The first floor is shaped by five bedrooms while the lower level includes sports and guest rooms, a home cinema, playroom, wine cellar and an internal swimming pool.


Through the use of multiple levels, a gradual integration with the formed landscape is aimed, both vertically and horizontally. In addition, a progressive transformation from interconnected solid volumes to more articulated parts is explored.


The building is surrounded by 2900 sq.m. of gardens, covered by trees and smaller plants following thenature of the nearby mountain. Magnolia trees, pine trees, aryas, fruit trees, passion trees, olive grove, small and bigger shrubs are a sample of the nature of the residence.


Throughout the primary spaces (hall, living room, bedrooms) glossy Thasos marble is used for the covering of the entire floor surface, as well as the shaping of the main staircase. At the same time, a variety of natural wood and tiles are used for the flooring and coverings of the surrounding spaces. Special attention is given to the wall surfaces, both internal and external, according to the use and profile of each space.