_to make something from nothing, something new, either because of its practicality or artistic process. Architecture is the art that combines the above. Ergonomics and beauty, functionality and aesthetics. This difficulty is equivalent to the difficulty of removing and simplifying something complicated. Aim of our firm is to respond to this challenge.


_the recent, the contemporary as intended to be showed in today’s construction. Through fresh ideas and contemporary design influences, usage of new materials and at the same time staying devoted to classic values, we assume projects that challenge today’s  requirements and aesthetics. Dismissing the ‘out of date’ we are influenced by the classic, re-interpret it, and lead by the new.


_ despite the fact that they are immaterial, ideas effect to a great extent our way of life, as they define our way of thinking, our goals and choices. Architecture is one of the roads leading to the materialization of ideas and therefore constituting a reflection of our personality. What we need is new ideas that improve our daily life and create a better world.