Type: lighting project I Client: Holy Metropolis of Messenia I Location: Kalamata, Messenia I Status: completed I Date: 2010


The cathedral church of Christ, built in 1873, is located in the heart of Kalamata’s historical center. Aim of the project ”temple lighting” was the rearrangement of the cathedral’s lighting in order to underline its importance as a reference point within the city. Our primary goal was raising the cathedral’s profile to its original prestige.


Led lamps were used for the building’s lighting. Its dominants volumes and pediments were highlighted by the placement of led-strip lighting to its perimeter. Led strip lighting is also established at the window sills. For the highlighting of the building’s classical elements, such as the columns and bell frames, spots for short radius light were chosen. This type of lighting also illuminates the central dome.  The equivalent strategy was followed throughout the decorations and chapel of the interior.